Partnering with you to build outstanding companies.

Investing in India since 1998.



Adding value with proactive expert support.

Strategic Initiatives 

Supporting entry into new markets, identifying acquisition opportunities, managing the acquisition process, and refinement of existing business strategy. 

Organisation Building

Leverage our network to access top talent pools in the country for recruiting high quality senor management.

Functional Expertise

Providing access to a panel of industry experts who can assist the portfolio companies in finance, HR, legal, and customer introductions. 

Corporate Governance

Ensuring that the company has a functioning board of directors that sets processes for administering the company in a manner which protects the interests of the shareholders. 



Investing smartly, creating winners.

As long term investors, our approach is to invest ahead of market trends to generate superior risk-adjusted returns. We employ a disciplined top-down approach using macro-economic fundamentals to identify attractive sectors. We then work towards becoming preferred partners with the best companies in these sectors by continuous industry interactions and a robust deal origination engine. 

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                 MARKET RETURN : 13%                     BARING RETURN : 28%

With 22 years of consistent, un-levered alpha generation, Baring India maintains a consistent track record of delivering
superior returns.


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Our fund has a strong domain expertise, with 90% of our investments distributed over 6 key sectors. Outside of these key sectors, we also have active interest in building Materials, auto ancillaries, logistics, internet, agri-inputs and education.

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